Fat in My Belly

Fire in My Belly

There’s a fire in my belly
It will not go out without a fight
I will brawl and I will claw
For what I believe to be right..

以上這首英文詩和照片是我從馬少的blog 那‘借來’的。

我自己把它亂亂翻譯成 :




直到最後的勝利 !

然後這是我的版本 :

Fat in My Belly

There’s a fat in my belly
It will not go out without a fight
I will swim and I will run
For it to fit my pants nice and tight.


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  1. So bad! You make fun of my poem! *pouts*


    1. ckiong says:

      I just spoof ur poem like what others do ma, hahaha :p

      1. You dun have to follow what others do ma… Others jump, you also jump ar? 😛

      2. ckiong says:

        I dun have to listen to you, like what Jemima said, I’m the DEVIL, lalalalala. 😛

      3. Bad, Bad, BAD Devil! 😛

  2. jemima says:

    If all the fat in me can be turned into oil for my car, I will be saving heaps of $$$$$. Hehe

    Btw, you don’t have to listen to your angel ‘coz you’re the DEVIL. 😛

    *runs away before your angel appears* 😛

    1. ckiong says:

      Hahaha, if fat can be turned into oil, I think Kenny and I can save a lot too, hahaha 😛

    2. *haaa-chewww!! sneezes*

      Hey… has someone been talking about me? Hmm?

  3. 蛋黄 says:


  4. Jun says:

    i’ve written it before, and i’m gonna write it again: Devil 1, Kenny 0. Booyah!!! 😀

    1. ckiong says:

      Hahaha, thanks for supporting Devil!!!!

      1. You’re BOTH bullying me! 🙁

  5. katCL says:

    I sapot the DEVIL!! Muahahahaha..

    1. ckiong says:

      Yay, another supporter, thank you thank you!!!! 😛

      1. *siensssss*

        Yer, no fair. Everyone bully me… LOL

  6. 路路 says:

    haha, a war was triggered -> Fire in their Belly (是不是说一肚子火)

    1. Ya ya, I think I really 一肚子火 hahaha… No choice, everyone loves adorable Devil, not this ugly Angel… 🙁

      1. ckiong says:

        Fainted, ur interpretation very good, Mr Lulu!!!! 😛

  7. katCL says:

    Becos the devil is kewt mah. And everyone knows nice guys finish last.. ^_^

    No-lah.. you two are the kewt-est of them all!! 😀

    1. Hehe. Whoever said this Angel was a nice guy. *muahahhahaha*

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