No Crime!


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I got mugged. This all happened as i was getting out of the car. 2 guys then approached my car, one with a gun (dunno whether it was real) and the other a knife. Guy with gun came from my side whilst guy with knife came from the passenger side.

They wanted to take my wallet and phone and the guy with gun even wanted to come in and sit on me. Then i panicked and shouted for help as I was not too far away from a public area. That’s when the bloodbath began.

I was, according to the doctor, slashed 5 times on the back of my head, of which 2 were deep ones and an artery was severed. Was bleeding quite profusely. Sat by the side of the road while someone called for an ambulance. Got a friend to send me to the hospital I couldn’t wait as was losing a lot of blood.

Surgery was done. Doctor lost count on the number of stitches I have on my head. Will be going back on Monday for a follow up.









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  1. We have all gotta be more careful after this. Try our very best not to head out alone in the evenings and stick to well-lit places.

    1. CK says:

      Yaloh, really have to becareful,
      especially get down from the car or walking to carpark.

  2. bertyuanlim says:


    1. CK says:

      Where to park ur car is very important….

  3. sprite says:

    上次我朋友車子停在the gardens停車場,這麼多車和人進出,後廂還是一樣被撬,電腦被偷走了~~ -_-”’

    1. CK says:

      This happened to one of my colleague also, at KLCC carpark…….

  4. vndone says:


    1. CK says:


  5. jemima says:

    I often wonder where is Superman & Batman when we need them…

    1. CK says:

      Malaysia only has Cicak man, but Jemima can be wonder woman and save us. 😀

      1. CK says:

        Wonder… Wonder… Wonder woman!! Transformed!!! 😛

      2. Aiyo, that battle cry belongs to the Thundercats lah, not Wonder Woman mixed with Transformers!

        “Thunder… Thunder… ThunderCats!! Ho….!!!”

        Liddat ma. 😛

      3. jemima says:

        *puts on Wonderbra & shakes head*

        Nah! Guys, I’m NO Wonder Woman.

      4. No Wonder Woman? Yet still so very wonderful. 🙂


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