Surprise Birthday Party?

話說那天原本是馬少和The Queen兩人的單獨約會。。。。。


把它搞成一個surprise birthday party。

後來據馬少說﹐他早就有預感會是這樣﹐他只是假裝surprise 而已。




管他的﹐反正大家開心就好﹐哈哈哈。 😀

生日快樂哦﹐馬少﹐又老一歲了﹐要生乖乖的﹐知道嗎。 😀

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  1. Camemberu says:

    I can barely read Chinese, but am very happy you have a blog too!!!

    1. CK says:

      Haha, thanks for dropping by, i only start to update more recently. 😛

  2. jemima says:

    Kenny is very lucky to have good friends like you & the others. 🙂

    1. CK says:

      He is very lucky has someone like you too, ur comment on his blog make him so happy. 😀

  3. aibolim says:


    1. CK says:

      哈哈﹐他們是不是你同事安排的余興節目啊? 😛

      1. aibolim says:


  4. lena says: must be devil..came over from kenny’s blog from the link. i think he knows all of you too well, that’s why he pretended to be surprised! He’s so blessed to have wonderful friends like you around him. Have a lovely evening!

  5. CK says:

    Hi Lena, Yes, I’m the Devil, 😛 Nice to meet you. 😀
    He knows me and the Queen too well,
    hahaha, and yes we are the lousy liars. 😛

  6. Sean says:

    一个多么可爱的聚会。实际上它现在对我来说很容易记住他的生日,因为这只是我的一天后. 好吧,我不知道还能说什么,只是,在几个小时内看到你!

    1. CK says:

      LOL, ur google translator did a good job, hahaha.
      See you tonite! 😀

    2. Hooray for the Google Translator! Now Sean can comment in Chinese too! 😉

  7. mimid3vils says:

    haha, Kenny & Sean comments so “cute” after the the Translator 😛

    1. CK says:

      Haha, yaloh, very obvious it came from a translator. LOL 😛

  8. Paul says:

    Can’t help but make a pilgrimage to the Devil after all! 🙂

    1. CK says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for dropping by, nice to meet u! 😀

  9. asstha says:

    oooo… first time visiting your blog…
    can’t help but laugh at the google translated version… sowee… >.<
    cos it refered to Kenny as horse… 😆
    but so nice that kenny has loved ones like you and the queen to organise a surprise party for him…

    1. CK says:

      Thanks for dropping by. 😀

      Hahaha, bcos kenny surname Mah is Horse in chinese.
      That the fun part of google translate. 😛

      Actually the party was organized by the monkey, hahaha, me and the Queen just followed the order. 😛

      1. Followed the orders but didn’t perform too well since I guessed the surprise! LOL

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