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  1. 那个福写到很美! =)

    1. ckiong says:

      謝謝啊小亂!呵呵。 😀

  2. your chinese calligraphy writing looks very nice! very classic and stylish. if only we had time (a lot of time!), you could teach me to paint a word also (i should learn how to write ‘rabbit’ in chinese) 😀

    1. ckiong says:

      Thanks Sean! Not nice lah, hehehe.
      I thought you want to learn ‘Eat’ & ‘Drink’ hahaha.

  3. 窝乐斯 says:


    1. ckiong says:


  4. Choi Yen says:

    很好的书法造诣 🙂 祝你和肯尼新年快乐,身体健康~

    1. ckiong says:

      謝謝Choi Yen,沒有很好啦,亂亂寫的。寫了很多張,只有這張還可以見人,哈哈。

  5. cquek says:

    Gong Xi Fa Cai 2014!

    1. ckiong says:

      Happy Chinese New Year cquek! May the wooden horse brings us good fortune and good health! 😀

  6. 影子 says:

    好美麗的書法啊 ~~
    而且畫面好美麗 喜歡
    新年快樂喔 🙂

    1. ckiong says:


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