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  1. Ciki says:

    i cannot understand it, but I know you will read it to me one day! yay for CK!

    1. ckiong says:

      Ok ok, I will read to our Baroness one day, it would be my pleasure. 😛

  2. yeemain says:


    1. ckiong says:


  3. jemima says:


    Inner Peace…


    1. Escape from DISTRACTIONS…

      Did you know there is now a new software called Freedom that locks you away from the internet on computers for up to eight hours at a time? Now this sounds like an advert cos I just lifted the copy from their website, but it does beg the question: Have we become addicted to just being busy and connected but no longer having the time to relax, be ourselves, do what we want to do, and truly connect with people (instead of just being “connected”)?

  4. ckiong says:

    Having tranquility, inner peace and hope when we having tea with the past is a kind of wisdom. 🙂

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